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Tour Tangkahan Sumatran Elephants

  Tangkahan Sumatra Elephant Camp Tangkahan  is a small village on the border of Gunung Leuser National Park located in North Sumatra. It is situated at the junction of 2 rivers, the Buluh River and the Batang River. Tangkahan is specialized in Eco-tourism activities like jungle trekking and trekking by riding an Elephant. There are […]

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The Orang Utans Sumatran Sanctuary & Bukit Lawang Tour


The Orang Utans Sumatran Sanctuary & Bukit Lawang Tour Bukit Lawang is located about 90 kilometers northwest of  Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, and at the south of the Mount Leuseur National Park. It is a gateway to the legendary Sumatran jungle with it’s steep slippery terrain and muddy slopes. Exploring the jungle […]

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Introducing Gunung Leuser National Park

3 Days 2 Nights Bukit Lawang Orang Utan Tour Package

Gunung Leuser National Park The Aceh section of Gunung Leuser National Park has slipped under the tourist radar for years, seeing only a trickle of visitors as the masses head to the more-hyped Bukit Lawang. Its jungle is basically the same minus the well-worn paths and tourists clambering about trying to spot semiwild orangutans. Here […]

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